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What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Paint, oil, grease, corrosion, asphalt, dirt, ink, resins, and glues are just some of the materials that can be removed with dry ice blasting. The Cold Jet® process is similar to sand or plastic-bead blasting, but is more effective, and results in less environmental impact. It is also non-abrasive, safe to use on food-handling equipment, and is not dangerous for electrical work. We can also paint and sealcoat your machinery and equipment once it is dirt-free.

Our unique dry ice blasting process involves dry-ice pellets (carbon dioxide in its frozen state) that are made to move at incredible rates of speed through a stream of compressed air, This processed air is then directed toward a surface in order to clean it. When these extremely-cold, air-propelled pellets strike a dirty surface, they cause the dirt or contamination to shrink and pull away from the sub-surface. When the pellets reach the warm subsurface, they revert back to their gaseous state and disappear. This results in no pitting or other damage to machinery or equipment. Cleanup only involves discarding the dirt and debris that were removed.

Dry ice pellets are created in an earth-friendly manner that involves expanding carbon dioxide, which is a naturally-occurring, essential life component, into a mold to produce sleet or snow-like pellets. The dry ice used in our blasting process is of the same grade used in the food and beverage industry. Since it disappears on impact, it has no impact on the environment.


Dry Ice Blasting at Ice Age Clean

At Ice Age Clean, we’re experienced in cleaning nearly all surface types, including metal, concrete, wood and brick for interior and exterior applications. Licensed and insured, we offer free, no-obligation estimates and guarantee our work.

Downtime affects your bottom line, and you didn’t get into business to lose money. Consider the cost of prolonged downtime due to equipment malfunction or replacement. Or the man-hours required to clean your own machinery or facilities. Or the high cost of disposing of secondary waste. You’ll soon understand why the dry ice blasting process by Ice Age Clean makes so much sense.

Features of Dry Ice Blasting:

  • Extreme Cleaning: You’ll have to clean less often and will experience fewer equipment malfunctions because our process is so thorough.
  • On-Site Cleaning: No need to disassemble equipment and move it to a cleaning area, then move it back and reassemble it.
  • Efficient: Dry ice blast cleaning is a quick process that isn’t as labor-intensive as most other processes. This results in minimal downtime, which means you are back in production sooner.
  • No Damage to Equipment: Our process is non-flammable, non-abrasive, and uses no water, so it’s safe for electrical elements.
  • Safe: Our food-grade dry ice is naturally occurring and safe for equipment and the environment, as well as for employees and technicians.
  • Tight Quarters: Our dry ice blasting process allows us to get into small areas that would otherwise require disassembly to reach.
  • Easy Cleanup: The only thing to pick up is the residue removed. Unlike sand or plastic pellet blasting, which leave secondary components behind.

Other contractors offer industrial cleaning services using equipment and methods that are more than 20 years old. At Ice Age Clean, we believe that improvements in the industry have made such equipment obsolete. It is also prone to damaging your machinery. This is why our crews are specially trained and only use Cold Jet® state-of-the art technology, products and equipment. We serve Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska dry ice blasting needs.

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