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Our patented Cold Jet dry ice blasting process is well suited for a wide variety of applications. The fast, labor efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning method is effective for municipal equipment and vehicles, food and beverage packaging facilities, and even home restoration. But no other project lets us demonstrate the true potential of dry ice blasting better than when we clean manufacturing and industrial equipment.

Dry ice blasting’s efficacy aside, the speed with which we work is of especial value to our industrial clients. When we scour a busy production facility’s floor, we don’t just eradicate caked-on grease and grime which could have caused an expensive (and not to mention dangerous) slip and fall injury. We also minimize the amount of time a floor must remain inaccessible, as our process leaves no residue or water behind which must be swept or mopped up. Dry ice blasting is furthermore safe for slip-resistant floor surfaces, and when judiciously applied leaves OSHA-required floor markings.

The versatility of dry ice blasting makes the amount of time we must spend onsite even shorter. Dirt, grime, grease, and any number of unique industrial residues – none of them are a match for a high-velocity beam of dry ice granules. Manufacturing and industrial facilities may work with virtually any combination of materials. Each of these creates its own unique byproduct that must be cleaned off, but very few cannot be removed by the Cold Jet process. That means we’re able to spend far more of our time cleaning instead of figuring out how to clean.

Dry ice’s inability to produce solid residue doesn’t just do away with the need for cleanup. It also leaves sensitive machinery fully operable as soon as we have finished blasting it. This is paramount for companies which manufacture sensitive products such as medical devices, as it negates the risk of chemical contamination.

Even we are regularly surprised by just how efficiently dry ice blasting can clean complex machinery. The miniscule granules are able to penetrate exceedingly tight gaps – so much so that disassembly is rarely required. Yet despite how thoroughly dry ice cleans, it is still nonabrasive and poses no threat to electrical or otherwise delicate components. All of this, without depositing residue which could gradually impact a machine’s functionality!

We don’t just make life easier for our clients when we clean their manufacturing and industrial facilities. Their team members, who know they will not have to wear personal protective equipment and engage in lengthy, difficult scrubbing at the end of their shifts, often express great relief when they see our technicians arrive. Our work means they get to spend more of their shifts doing their actual jobs, which is a perfect win-win in the form of boosted morale and heightened productivity.

Our clients’ team members may not appreciate the other benefit dry ice blasting represents. Because our process’s sole byproduct is carbon dioxide – a naturally occurring gas which poses no threat to the environment or the human respiratory system – they can enjoy a workplace where they’re able to breathe easy.

Really, all of these advantages are only the tip of the “dry iceberg.” We’re truly offering the fastest, safest and most thorough method for cleaning manufacturing and industrial equipment the market has to offer. Enumerating every single way that dry ice blasting could improve a factory’s bottom line would take longer than you would probably want to spend reading!

If you would like to learn more about how Ice Age Clean can make your facility cleaner, safer, and run more efficiently, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!