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Bakeries. Ethanol plants. Large industrial food plants. Dry ice blasting is ideal for cleaning these and virtually any other industrial property you could name.

Why exactly is dry ice blasting the best form of media blasting for industrial properties and their equipment?

  1. It eliminates secondary waste, which minimizes downtime by doing away with the need to sweep up sand or plastic beads.
  2. It eliminates the need to remove, reposition or disassemble machinery before cleaning it, which only further accelerates the cleaning process.
  3. It easily accesses tight and awkward spaces; even the smallest nooks and crannies are thoroughly scoured clean.
  4. It is non-abrasive, and will not damage sensitive components such as electrical wiring.
  5. It is environmentally friendly, and will only release recycled carbon dioxide (CO2) back into the atmosphere.
  6. It does not expose the facility’s staff to toxic chemicals or slip hazards.

But perhaps more than anything, dry ice blasting is best because it reliably removes such a wide range of filth. Here are just some of the industries that stand the most to gain from dry ice blasting’s outstanding versatility!

  • Food & Beverage – Dry ice blasting doesn’t just eliminate the risk of contaminating food with chemicals or plastic particles. It also eliminates grease, oil, carbon, dust, flour, and all the other obstinate residues that are commonly produced by food and beverage facilities.
  • Automotive & Transportation – Its non-conductive and non-abrasive properties mean that dry ice will not damage vehicles’ paint jobs or protective coatings. Despite its gentleness, dry ice blasting is safe for the machines used to produce vehicles – not to mention vehicles themselves.
  • Medical – Needless to say, contamination is of chief concern when it comes to cleaning medical facilities. Because it is made of CO2, dry ice will not expose delicate instruments to any gasses that aren’t already present in the atmosphere. Better yet, dry ice blasting annihilates mold and bacteria without leaving behind moisture that could induce their reproduction.
  • Aircraft & Aerospace – Dry ice blasting is optimal for cleaning expensive aeronautical equipment. Although it does not damage brakes, landing gear, insulation, wiring, or other sensitive components, it capably removes dirt, hydraulic fluid and lubricants.
  • Agriculture – Livestock animals make a real mess – but they are also sensitive to the volatile chemicals commonly found in most cleaning products. You also can’t have plastic granules contaminating livestock’s food. Trust dry ice blasting to destroy caked-on manure, harmful microbes, and other contaminants common to agricultural buildings without jeopardizing the health of the animals or the people who eat them.
  • Printing – Gears. Rollers. Rails. Conveyors. Even a relatively simple printer has a large number of intricate components, with many convoluted surfaces that accumulate grease, oil, ink and paper dust. Dry ice blasting scours all of these parts clean without necessitating painstaking disassembly.
  • Restoration & Remediation – Manually cleaning surfaces that have been caked with soot and creosote is time-intensive and tedious. Worse yet, solvents and other chemicals can cause further damage to the same surfaces that are meant to be restored. Between its ability to access tight crevices and superior cleaning ability, dry ice is ideal when smoke smell removal is the goal. Whether it’s fire restoration or any other type of property rehab, dry ice blasting is your fastest and most thorough solution.

Regardless of your industry or the precise nature of the dirt, grime and contaminants you need scoured away, the Ice Age Clean team is confident that we can make short and effective work of the project. We welcome you to contact us today for all your industrial, agricultural and commercial cleaning needs!